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Cleaning the Hallways

Post Construction Services near Hoboken, NJ

Cleaning After Renovations, Construction, or Painting

Dirt and debris build-up will always be there after construction. These can prevent you from getting everything back to the way it was and realizing the vision you had. Let Eco Green Cleaning Professional Inc help you get everything sorted out in the most efficient way possible!

After a construction project, our team will be ready to clean your place. Our post-construction clean-up is done by professionals who thoroughly clean the premises to remove dirt and debris that might cause problems for the grand opening. We understand that construction can be unpredictable, so our team has been trained to manage all the possible scenarios that might arise. 

Eco Green Cleaning Professional Inc also knows that you might be working within a schedule. Our team coordinates with the contractors and other subcontractors to ensure we are within your timelines and meet deadlines.

We are meticulous with our process of making sure the finer details of the project are cleaned. Once we finish, all you need to do is open the doors for the grand reveal!


Some of our services include:

  • Commercial cleaning contractors

  • Office cleaning services

  • Post construction cleaning 

  • Commercial cleaning service

  • Deep cleaning services

  • High dusting cleaning

  • Cleaning windows inside and outside

  • (High) dusting walls, and vents, for air quality control

  • Disinfect and polish wood floors, buff ceramic, and marble floors, scrub concrete floors

  • Deep cleaning inside and outside cabinets, tops of doors, doorknobs, hardware, moldings

  • Blinds, curtains, light fixtures

  • Cleaning and disinfecting restrooms

  • Debris removal

  • Deep cleaning all cabinets and sinks in bathrooms and throughout

  • Emptying wastebaskets and recycle bin

  • Near Hoboken, NJ

Cleaning Team at Work

We have a responsibility to help prevent the spread of germs!

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