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School and campus cleaning services near me

School and Campus Cleaning Services near Hoboken, NJ

Most Responsible School & University Cleaning and Disinfectant Services

Minimizing the risk of viruses, bacteria, and germs is our speciality because we have trained and are equipped with the most recent and advanced technology.  Our standards surpass many other cleaning services within the area.  We understand the need to be sure students are in the optimal clean and safe environment in order for there not to be any cross-contamination of germs that could lead to excessive absence.

Through the use of our hypo-allergic products that are free of unnecessary harsh chemicals, our services provide outstanding results to all types of environments, which include bathrooms, teacher’s lounge, classrooms and computer rooms. Not only do we thoroughly clean by using the method used in hospital and medical facilities, we also provide disinfecting services for your facilities. No matter the size of your educational institution, Eco Green Cleaning Professional Inc can help you create a safe, clean and hygienic environment for staff and students.

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Some of our services include:

  • Professional commercial cleaning services

  • School cleaning and disinfectant services

  • School disinfect services

  • Commercial office cleaning 

  • Disinfect all hard surfaces; radiators, diffusers, moldings, baseboards, partition tops, etc

  • Disinfect all light switches, electrical outlets, and radiators (if applicable). 

  • Disinfect inside and outside door handles, door frames, and glass doors removing fingerprints and smudges

  • Disinfect all desks, chairs (including chair legs and arms, if applicable), countertops, telephone receivers, and computer workstations (including keyboard, monitor, and mouse (We do not touch any paper or documents unless in the trash).

  • Dust mop and wet mop  floors

  • Office cleaning

  • Cleaning and disinfecting restrooms

  • Near Hoboken, NJ

Cleaning Team at Work

We have a responsibility to help prevent the spread of germs!

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